Elegant New Year’s Eve at Aureole

AUREOLE Silvestr

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve in style with the best view of Prague in the rythm of swing and jazz!

Are you in for enjoying the great view of Prague while avoiding the overcrowded historic city center?

At the Aureole restaurant you will enjoy not only the views, but also great gastronomy by chef the cuisine Jiří Král. The fusion buffet will be open throughout the evening and will offer the best from international cuisines.

Adéla Zejfarová and her Sunny Swing Orchestra will play live music for our guests to emphasize the elegant atmposphere.

Champagne for welcome drink and midnight toast is a must.

You can look forward to these delicacies:

Cold Cuisine

Zaru Udon Noodles with Wakame and Shiitake mushrooms
Smoked Salmon Label Rouge with Youzu Crème Fraîche
Tex-Mex Salad with Black Angus Bull Rib, Vegetables and Tomato Sauce
Marinated Turkey Breast Bresse Gauloise with Teriyaki Sauce, Leaf Shoots.
Greenland Prawns, Chicken Noodles in Sesame Crust on Lettuce, Karachi Remoulade
Rice Rolls with Pulled Mangalica Pork Neck and Vegetables

Sushi Live Show – Sushi Master Yara-San

Sashimi, Makisushi, Nigirisushi with Tuna, Salmon, Surimi, Fresh Cucumber, Radish, Tamago Egg Omelette, Wasabi, Marinated Ginger, Kikkoman Soy Sauce


Vegetable Crudités with Various Dips
Wakame with Lettuce, Tomato Concassé and Sesame Dressing
Traditional Korean Kimchi Salad
Cheese Gnocchi with Comté Cheese on Salad Leaves, Vinaigrette Framboise
Mozzarella with Rocket Salad and Tomatoes in Basil Essence
Salad with Prawns and Rice Noodles, Chau-Chau Dressing


Tom Yam with Tiger Prawns and Lime Grass

Hot Cuisine

Asian Vegetable Rolls with Galangal Essence
Wonton Dumplings with Veal and Prawns, Unagi Dressing
Grilled South African Coral Catfish, Vegetable Couscous
Peking Duck Croquettes, Pasta Pancakes, Hoisin Sauce
Chicken Thigh Bits Tori Kara-Age with Honey Chilli Sauce, Jasmine Rice
Cemitas Black Angus Bull Mini Burgers with Lettuce, Vegetables and BBQ Sauce
Chicken and Pork Schnitzels, Light Potato Salad
Buta Kakuni Side Pork Sous-Vide in Chilli Honey Miso Paste, Potato Wasabi Puree


Pork Neck Mangalica Marinated in Sugarcane Molasses and Chilli
Black Angus Bull Striploin Marinated in Gin Tanquerai
Finely Smoked Japanese Kurobuta Sausages with Mango Mustard
Grilled Vegetables, Corn Cobs, Steak Potatoes, Couscous
Grilled Pineapple Gold-Sweet with Sea Salt and Caramel


Marinated Olives in Fresh Provencal Herbs
Parmesan Sticks

Desserts and Ice Cream

Crême Brulée with Madagascar Vanilla
Chocolate Cream Manjari, Passion Fruit Sauce and Cinnamon Gingerbread
Cheesecake with Raspberry Wasabi Sauce
Choice of Homemade Mini Desserts
Fruit Cascade with Hot Chilli Chocolate

After-Midnight Snack

Choice of Savory Sausages from Davle
Smoked Beef Tongue Black Angus
Smoked Side Pork Mangalica
Czech Traditional Thick Lentil Sauce
Baked Potatoes
Freshly Baked Bread, Marinated Vegetables, Horseradish, Mustard

4 990 CZK per person

Reserve online, at info@aureole.cz or by phone at +420 222 755 380.

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Disco Night Fever – New Year’s Eve at Aureole Congress Center

AUREOLE Discopříběh 2020

Enjoy music and gastronomy of 80s and 90s for New Year’s Eve!

We prepared for you a unique retro experience for the New Year’s Eve at the Aureole Congress Center. Breathe in the nostalgy and atmosphere with all the details covered – DJ & music videos from 80s and 90s, stylish decorations, all night buffet with typical delicacies of the 90s. Sparkling wine, wine, beer and non alcoholic drinks are included.

You can look forward to these “retro” and classic Czechoslovakian delicacies:

Salty Pretzels and Sticks
Nuts, Roasted Almonds
Greasy Potato Chips

Cold Cuisine

Choice of Traditional Czech Open Sandwiches: Ham on Butter, Ham on Potato Salad, “Turista” Salami with Mayo Egg, Lobster, Hungarian Salami with Gherkin, Tomato with Onion, Fried Egg
“Russian Egg” and Caviar Egg
Ham Roll with Horseradish from Mělník
Marinated Matjes Herring with Young Onion
Pork Sausage Meat with Onion Mustard
Light and Dark Brawn with Bzenec Vinegar
Pickled Sausages with Savory Pepper
Choice of Sausages (made according to the traditional recipes from 1980), Marinated Vegetables


Mixed Vegetables (Cucumber, Onion, Tomatoes, Peppers) with Balkan Cheese
Cabbage Salad Peking
Potato Salad with Mayo
Moravian Potato Salad
Sauerkraut from Znojmo with Bacon Greaves
Savory Salad “Camping”
Sausage Salad “King’s Sword”
French Salad, Delicacy Salad, Egg Salads
Fresh Vegetables with a Choice of Homemade Dressings


Beef Broth with Noodles and Liver Dumplings
Cabbage Soup with Moravian Sausage

Hot Cuisine

Fried Cheese Eidam, Potatoes and Homemade Tartar Sauce
Fish Fingers Frionor, Meat Pie “Masaryčka”
Veal Liver, French Fries and Homemade Tartar Sauce
Beef Tartar with Toast
Potato Pancakes with Smoked Meat
Brynza Gnocchi with Smoked Bacon and Sauerkraut
Baked Duck from Loštice on Caraway Seeds with Red Cabbage
Gratinated Sausage Meat with Sauerkraut
Fried Chicken and Pork Mini Schnitzels
Sirloin Roast with Cream Sauce and Cranberries
“Spanish Bird” (small beef rolls, stuffed with a slice of smoked sausage, a gherkin, a quarter of a boiled egg and some mustard added to taste)

Side Dishes

Variation of Dumplings
Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut
Farm Potatoes
Freshly Baked Bread


Choice of Czech and Savory Cheeses from Olomouc with Nuts and Cranberry Marmalade


New Year’s Cakes
Variation of traditional Czech desserts
Chocolate Cake “Sacher Torte”
Apple Strudel with Raisins
Ice Cream “Ovocný Světozor” – Strawberry, Banana, Strudel with roasted Nuts, Vanilla Sauce, Strawberry Compote, Whipped Cream

Midnight Smokehouse

Baked Smoked Pork
“Taliány” (Traditional Czech Cooked Sausages)
Smoked Sausages
Czech Traditional Thick Lentil Sauce
Freshly Grated Horseradish with Apple, Mustard

2 990 CZK per person

Reserve online, at info@aureole.cz or by phone at +420 222 755 380.

Upcoming events in December:

  • 16. – 22. 12. Christmas weekly menu
  • 24. 12. Christmas lunch menu “escargots at Aureole”
  • 24. 12. Christmas Eve menu
  • 25. & 26. 12. CLOSED
  • 31. 12. Elegant New Year’s Eve at Aureole
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Give a Special Experience

Gift Voucher

Do you want to spoil your business partners or family and friends? Gift certificate for Aureole restaurant is the right solution for you.

Aureole Restaurant gives you the unique mix of fine dining experience by chef Jiří Král together with unrivaled view of Prague.

For purchasing the gift certificates, please contact Jan Zeman, info@aureole.cz, +420 222 755 380‬.


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Special Events in December

AUREOLE Silvestr 2020

We would like to invite you for special events during holidays or different seasons throughout the year.

Upcoming events in December:

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